The Budo Youth Fund began with us volunteering our time at our local dojo. We saw the powerful effect that martial arts had on children and decided to create a non-profit so that using 10% of the profits from Budo Brothers we could reach more people.

As the program has grown it has allowed us to create charity events by teaming up with the worlds most influential martial artists. To date we have raised over $20,000

Battle Field Strategies For Business

Sifu Singh was gracious enough to donate his speaker fee and help us raise over $10,000 for the registered non-profit Budo Youth Fund. We are now accepting grant applications to help underprivileged youth enroll in martial arts through grant funding. Tune in to watch the transformations take place!

Michelle Waterson Charity Seminars

We hosted UFC superstar in Calgary, AB for two mind blowing charity seminars. Both were family events that showcased the power of Martial Arts and helped us to raise $10,000 for the IncredAble Adaptive MMA program.

The Power Of Martial Arts

To date we have helped ignite the passion and dreams of children around the world through martial arts. Our mission is to inspire all parents to place there children in martial arts programs. 

See Some Of The Kids: