Budo Brothers Story

Our Story

Canadian Roots. Global Reach.
Where it all began

Martial Arts was more than just a "practice." 

For us, it was a way to manifest a space for enthusiasts, practitioners and masters, all under one umbrella. 

As entrepreneurs, we wanted to celebrate all forms of martial arts, artists, styles and systems, while sharing the wisdom we gain along the way through our challenge and adversity. 

Our Products

Built by martial artists for Martial Artists.

Whether that's designing unique, quality products for everyday use or creating content for the lifestyle they lead, we create products and inspirational content to spread the wealth of Martial Arts knowledge and practice.

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Our Founding Team
Erik Allan

Erik heads up product development at Budo Brothers, putting his Mechanical Engineering degree into practice. As a lifetime martial artist, he puts his discipline and focus into making sure all Budo products are made with quality engineering and design in mind.

Kyle Mahadeo

Kyle's the marketing mastermind behind the Budo Brand. Lifetime Martial Artist and full-time learner, he started Budo Brothers as a way to share the story of Martial Arts in a way that wasn't seen before - through a combination of stellar products, focused education and a community mindset.