The Creation Of BBTV


That's right, we're keeping the cameras rolling and will spill everything all over BBTV - All our screw-ups, successes, near-misses, and all the trouble we get into along our journey. Our first couple episodes highlight our recent trip to California. You get to see some behind the scenes footage of our "Condo-Based Fulfillment Center" (Don't worry, we are finally growing out of this and actually moving into a big-boy center soon!

First we had to pack up our store and hand it off to Kyle's sister for her to fullfill orders while we're off shooting our second Digital Seminar with Grand Master Felix Roiles of the indigenous Filipino Martial Art called Pakamut. But, anytime we're in California, we gotta say hi to the coolest cat we know: Sifu Singh. Check out these first two episodes and be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel as we continually release new vids of travels.