No Phone For The First Hour Of Waking

NEW CHALLENGE: Upon waking, for the first hour:

❌ No phone

❌ No social media

✅ Your Morning Routine


A morning routine can be anything: stretch, drink water, meditate, list off the things you are grateful for, workout, nourish the body, learn something new, whatever it is that gets you centered, DO THAT before entering the portal of insanity which seems to be social media these days.

We are massive fans of Sifu Singh's "Arrive Before You Leave" morning routine which you can learn about in his Digital Seminar. As Sifu Singh always says, "We need to learn how to be comfortable in chaos." And one thing is for certain, starting your waking moments by marinating in whatever shows up in your feed can be a pretty chaotic way to kick off the day. Instead, try implementing a morning routine and watch the MAJOR difference it makes in your mood, mindset, and overall outlook on life. This is a GAME CHANGER!!

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