Introducing: "The Budo Youth Fund"

Capitalism With A Cause

There’s no question, martial arts is near & dear to our hearts, and we feel like being exposed to martial arts at a young age really gave us an edge later on in life. When we originally came up with the concept for Budo Brothers, we wanted to make sure we could build something that would allow us to impact youth in a positive way and help the next generation discover their true strengths through martial arts.

Starting out small, we decided to support a local dojo in our area that had an incredible martial arts youth development program. 10% of our profits would go towards subsidizing the cost of tuition to make it more affordable for parents. The initiative was a huge success! We helped over 30 kids go through the program and watching the transformations take place right in front of our eyes made us want to scale everything up.

As our company began to experience rapid growth, we knew we were going to eventually find ourselves in a position where we had more than enough capital, but not enough local programs to support. It became clear that our “boots on the ground” approach was not scalable. That’s when we knew it was time to get creative.


The Budo Youth Fund

A legally formed, independent, non-profit entity whose sole purpose is to make martial arts more accessible for youth across North America.

The ink literally just finished drying on the signed papers for this new endeavor!

We now have a separate legal entity which anyone can donate to. This will also allow us to find corporate sponsors and even run fundraisers where all proceeds raised will go towards the cause.

How The Budo Youth Fund Works

Budo Brothers will be the main financier with 10% of our profits going straight to the cause.

There will be:

  • ZERO management fees
  • NO games
  • NO salaries
  • NO reimbursed expenses
  • NO "creative accounting"

We are going to ensure 100% of every dollar to go towards the cause…And very few “Non-Profits” can say that! 



At which point, we will be accepting grant applications for anyone who wants to put their son or daughter in martial arts, but could use some financial assistance in order to make that happen.

The application will hit on some key points, such as:

  • Why do you want to put your son or daughter in martial arts
  • What would you like to see your son or daughter gain from enrolling in martial arts?
  • Where would you like your son or daughter to train?
  • Does the instructor have a dedicated youth program?
  • What is the instructor’s philosophy around youth development through martial arts? 
  • How much financial support are you looking for?
  • What is contact information for the instructor? (for us to complete our due diligence)

The application window will be open for a few weeks, and as soon as it closes, we take the top applicants and give them what they need to get started until the fund's bank account has a zero in it…. Then we do it all over again!

Our goal is to have open applications at least twice per year (hoping for more.)

Now that all the legal paperwork is complete, the last step is to set up a bank account for the fund (which is in progress.) So once everything is locked and loaded, be on the lookout for some fundraisers and promotions!



Thank you all for helping us make this happen! You are helping plant the seeds that will allow the next generation to reach their full potential.