How To Select Woods Shinbudo Weapons

We got in touch with the Shinbudo crew a while back simply because we admired their craft and dedication to their passion. They have very similar story to ours in that they are two dudes chasing their dreams, so we naturally resonated.

The team is comprised of Dennis King and Ethan Hubler. Both avid martial artists that make some pretty amazing martial arts training tools. It's cool because they firmly believe that if you're using a bokken to train with (hoping to progress to a shinken) it shouldn't feel completely different. To do that, they focus on finding denser woods, and using alternative materials to create bokken that capture the feeling of training with a live blade without sacrificing the durability needed for standard training. 

“With a combined 40 years of experience training in a variety of disciplines, we understand the passion and dedication it takes to train in the martial arts. Our goal is to bring the same level of energy to our art that others put into their training. Shinbudo products were born from a desire to create tools that were physical representations of that energy. We wanted there to be some “life” to them. ”
— Dennis King
“As martial artists, it is an incredible honor for our products to be a small part of other martial artists’ journey.  As we continue to train, we also continue to improve our craft. Our intention is that each piece that leaves our shop is made at the best of our ability, and will hopefully find its way to its intended owner. ”
— Ethan Hubler

Now these guys know their way around the woods! They have made hundreds of training tools over the years, tested all types of different woods, and really have a solid feel for what works best. In this video, Dennis discusses the the pros & cons of some different types of woods, and goes over what to look for when making your selection: