Battlefield Strategies For Business Charity Business Seminar


We recently launched a Digital Seminar with Sifu Singh that has taken the internet by storm! While we were down in California producing the series, there were so many times where we would look down while filming only to find goosebumps on our arms... Sifu Singh has something special, and we kept thinking how valuable the lessons are in everyday life, including business.

Then we found out that companies pay Sifu Singh large sums of money to come give keynote speeches to high performance executives teams and fortune 500 companies across the united states. This got us thinking... what if we put on a charity business seminar where we fill a ballroom full of a bunch of high bandwidth individuals and do something different for the business community??



Well, as soon as we pitched the idea to Sifu Singh, he stopped us mid-pitch and said "Say no more, count me in." It was almost too easy! Next step was to find an ideal space to host the event, and after searching the city, we landed on a space called Nucleus - an entrepreneurship hub in the city of Calgary. It has a co-working space containing some of the most influential entrepreneurs and innovators in the province... so it was a great fit!!! We pitched the idea to the team at Nucleus and managed to lock it down.

Now the real hustle began! We needed to HAMMER marketing the event as we only had 3 weeks to fill all the seats. When we first started marketing it to our inner circle the response was "cool idea bro" with not a whole lot of follow through. This got us a bit worried. But the real test would be if we could get someone who doesn't know us, our company, or our non-profit to attend the event on their own volition. We were about 2 weeks away from the event and we had only sold 20 some odd tickets... Things were looking like it was going to be a flop! Time to turn up the heat and make folks realize that this event was going to BLOW THEIR MIND! To try a new approach, we started putting videos like this on LinkedIn & facebook:



Tickets sales started to pick up, but we were still way behind on our goal. The next strategy was to speak with some influencers in the business community and see if we could garner some further support. We approached Iggy Domagalski, CEO of a successful oil & gas equipment integrator called Tundra Process Solutions, and told him what we were up to. Tundra has raised millions of dollars for charities over the past 18 years including the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, Kids Cancer Care Foundation, and many other local charities... As soon as we said the word "charity," Iggy replied with "Put me down for 10 tickets." Right then and there, Iggy reached LEGEND STATUS in our books.

We also approached the business Legend, Brad Zumwalt who has been growing technology companies for over 25 years. The man has a HUGE list of successful exists and does some INCREDIBLE work in the community. Brad and and his wife Tanya were among those awarded Calgary’s fifth annual Generosity of Spirit Award for services to Calgary’s community. We approached Brad with the concept and he literally didn't even think twice, whipped out his phone, and purchased 10 tickets on the spot! .... LEGEND STATUS ACHIEVED.

Next we approached Bill Whitelaw, CEO of JWN Energy - the go to source source for oil & gas news, data, research reports and event information. Bill LOVED the idea of harnessing the power of your mind to get through challenging times. Calgary is an energy focused city that got hammered when the price of oil tanked - The effects of which are still being felt today. Bill thought this new take on mindset development was an awesome idea and he offered to promote it through JWN's marketing channels... for free!! Not only that, he bought 10 tickets too and catapulted himself into LEGEND STATUS!

Once word got out that Sifu Singh was coming and putting on this exclusive event, TICKETS STARTED FLYING OFF THE SHELF!!! We ended up completely selling out thanks to the overwhelming support we received from the local business community and the LEGENDS that help make events like this happen.

We spent hundreds of hours putting together the presentation, rehearsing the event, and setting everything up for the big day. We wanted people to get a feel for what this whole "martial arts thing" was all about. So we created a cool slideshow with pictures that we captured along our journey, and put powerful words that represent the virtues of martial arts here are examples of some of the slides:


Now that we had the visuals covered, we thought it would be cool to set the energy when people walk into the space with some Japanese Taiko drums. Now, there is no better person we know for the job than our own Sensei. He has been practicing Taiko for over 20 years and really knows how to get a crowd amped up! ... And boy did he ever deliver!! 


Now that the crowd was energetically BUZZING it was time to start the show and get this thing kicked off!! Here's a highlight reel of the seminar:


This means we will be open for grant applications soon! Our goal is to find the most deserving kids across North America and get their martial arts journey started! We will be making some major announcements over the next few weeks once our application intake process is complete. To give you an idea of what we will be looking for, the application will touch on things like:

  • Why do you want to put your son/daughter in martial arts?
  • Why does your son/daughter want to start martial arts?
  • Is there anything preventing you from getting them started?
  • Where would you like them to train?
    • Who is the instructor and what is their philosophy on youth development through martial arts?
    • Do they have a dedicated youth program?
  • Would you be comfortable sharing their transformation with us? Our goal is to share inspiring stories of how martial arts can change lives, and we want to inspire other parents to get their kids started!

Stay tuned for the announcement when our applications are open! 

And thank you for your support!

By rocking our gear, you are helping us donate 10% of our profits to the Budo Youth Fund to get deserving youth started in martial arts!