Raw Agarwood (10g)

Raw Agarwood (10g)


What is Agarwood?
It is an exotic, expensive, and highly sought-after wood that possesses some truly unique properties. Agarwood only comes to life when the Southeast Asian Aquilaria tree is attacked by a very specific type of mold. The Aquilaria tree then produces an immune response to the attack, which yields a dark, aromatic resin. It is this rare resin which is used in incense, perfumes, and colognes due to its tranquil aromatics. It is sometimes even referred to as “The Wood of God.”

Top grade agarwood is one of the most expensive raw materials in the world and can sell as high as $10,000/kg.  It is often used in Buddhist temples where Monks burn Agarwood to achieve the highest states of consciousness during meditation and prayer. This might sound crazy, but when you burn Agarwood for the first time, you will understand why! 

The oil contained in Agarwood is psychoactive and has many benefits:

  • Calms the mind & relaxes the body
  • Enhances clarity & awareness
  • Relieves the mind of negative thoughts
  • Promotes emotional healing  
  • Is a natural aphrodisiac
  • Stimulates Chi & awakens the body from within
  • Helps reach the deepest states of meditation

What Does Agarwood Smell Like?
It is actually a very unique smell that is complex, yet pleasing. Some notes that help describe the aroma include: Warm, woody, sweet, balsamic, musty, spicy, deep, vanilla, honey.

Our agarwood has been sourced by us personally on a recent trip to Vietnam and is the highest grade available. Since we went right to the source, we are able to sell our raw agarwood in 10g packages for $39. Not to worry, 10 grams will last for a long time as it does not take much to fill the room.

If you are interested in purchasing more than 10g, please send us an email at info@budobrothers.com and we'll be happy to accommodate and provide volume discounts.

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