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Over the past few months, we've been passionately working long hours coming up with some amazing new things that we are really excited to share with you. But first, we would like to thank you for your continued support which gives us the ability to express our vision through the lens of a martial arts lifestyle. 


We are also very pleased to announce that we have changed the platform on which we share our monthly magazine. This new avenue provides us with more functionality, and allows us to better adapt our content to your preferences as readers. Everything is now web based. And, no one is sent these links but you, our subscribers. We made it so that you can easily post & share the magazine with your friends, so please don't hesitate! But, the only way to for them to get the magazine in their inbox is to sign up!


This month, our featured Budo Sister is sharing her story all the way from London, England. So make sure you hit her up on Instagram, and show her and her blog some love. The girl is on fire!!!


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Much Love,

The Budo Brothers




This  month's  Skill  is  a  tricky  one!!!  



Step 1

Start with the hanbo in your left hand and begin swinging downwards:

Step 2  

Start to open your grip slightly to allow the movement to be smoothed out:

Step 3

Complete the first rotation on the left side of your body:

Figure 8-3.jpg

Step 4

Reengage your grip:

Figure 8-4.jpg

Step 5

Keep your left hand to the outside of your body, and start to guide the next spin with your palm facing downwards:

Figure 8-5.jpg

Step 6

The spin should be guided in between your arm; Try to aim for your armpit, and begin to reach over with your right hand: 

Figure 8-6.jpg

Step 7

Reach all the way across and try to cathc the hanbo in your right hand:

Figure 8-7.jpg

Step 8

Once you have a firm grasp, let go with your left hand and begin to bring the hanbo over your shoulder:

Figure 8-8.jpg

Step 9

Now begin the next cycle on the other side of your body:

Figure 8-9.jpg

Step 10

Begin to guide the hanbo to the right side of the body this time:

Figure 8-10.jpg

Step 11

Complete the first outside spin:

Figure 8-11.jpg

Step 12

Once complete, extend your arm outwards while maintaining momentum:

Figure 8-12.jpg

Step 13

Start aiming for your armpit:

Figure 8-13.jpg

Step 14

Reach across your body with your left hand:

Figure 8-14.jpg

Step 15

Catch the hanbo in your left hand:

Figure 8-15.jpg

Step 16

Let go with your right hand and continue the motion:

Figure 8-16.jpg

Step 17

Now you have completed a full cycle! Time to start over at step 1:

Figure 8-17.jpg

Video time!

That might have been pretty difficult to follow along, so we've included a video to help you with this familiarity skill:


post  a  video  of  you  crushing  this  skill,  tag  us,  and  we'll  send  you  a  promo  code  for  20%  off anything  in  our  store






Time To Blast Those Legs Again!!!

Step 1

Grab your hanbo in both hands and stand with your feet approximately shoulder width apart:

Step 2

Begin by stepping out with your left leg and start lifting the hanbo above your head:


Step 3

When fully extended, try to keep the hanbo right above your head:


Step 4

Launch your body back into the upright position:

Step 5

Drop your hands back to the original position and get ready for the other leg:


Step 6

Start the cycle over on the right leg:


Step 7

Make sure your posture is nice and deep with a decent pause:


Step 8

Again, launch your body back up to its original position and take this exercise to failure!





Introducing: The Scramdeezio

A  Budo  Breakfast  for  champions!

This slow burn, high protein, flavour packed breakfast mashup will keep you feeling energized throughout the morning while your body uses the valuable fats and proteins to repair and rebuild muscle.

One of the most interesting nutrients found in eggs is choline - A very important nutrient when it comes to the body being able to detoxify itself. It provides “methyl groups" which sticks to toxins and foreign materials,  allowing the body to transport, or transport & process these materials out of the body. 

There is also good news for you martial artist who have a tendency to sustain the odd concussion from time to time: There is ongoing research into choline being an effective treatment for concussion and brain injuries.

The crazy part is, the body cannot produce enough choline on its on own, so it must be consumed from outside food sources. So, for plebs that don’t eat the Scramdeezio on the regular, we’ve got some bad news: You might be running a program that is choline deficient. Why is that bad news? Diets that are choline deficient have been linked higher rates of DNA damage & cancer. The good news is, you can get up to 1/3rd of your daily intake of choline in just one egg! So scram-on my friend, scram-on!


WHat you need:

1) 4-5 Organic Eggs

2) Half of an Avocado

4) Pinch of Pink Salt

4) Splash of Organic Salsa


Step 1

Butter up a non-stick pan, heat it up, crack your eggs, and be extra careful not to bust the yolk!


Step 2

Grab a lid, toss a splash of water in the pan, and steam the top of the eggs so there are no runny whites:


Step 3

Crack your salt, pour some salsa over the eggs, and mash it all up with a spatula:


Step 4

Grab a nicely ripened avocado and split 'er down the middle:

"Tommy Likey!"

Step 5

Start cutting thin lines vertically & horizontally across the avocado, and squeeze it into the pan:


Step 6

Serve and enjoy!!


SCRAMDEEZEY  Foe  Sheezey!



Featured Budo


Rebecca Morris


I started training in martial arts due to a few factors — the main one being that I was training in a standard gym, lifting weights and getting seriously bored. I wanted something to focus on (I’ve always worked better when aiming towards a goal) and always loved the idea of getting in the ring or octagon and fighting. Not the average wish of a 25 year old girl from North West England, I know.


To me there’s nothing more exciting and primal than two people fighting for sport.

That was always my outlook — but then when I started training I realized how much skill and dedication is required to get to those stages. I tried out a few clubs, but when I found the right one I instantly became hooked. I took up kickboxing and thrived off the training sessions we had. Gained my white belt within a month of beginning and got a thirst for learning more.


My coach then introduced me to Kempo

I was fascinated by the whole image of the black gi, the katas and then the weapons. I’m currently a white belt, but have done so much experimenting with weapons as I absolutely love them. At the moment I’m practicing lots of Hanbo stuff with my coach, such as katas, defences against attacks and other weapons — and I’m loving it.

Without sounding cliche, martial arts really does dominate my life now.

Everything I do leans towards it — food, sleep, training, even my social life, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. When I’m approaching a grading I’m very careful about all of those things, because if I failed I would be the only person to blame. Working full time and keeping this up was really tough, but I was so passionate about my training that the rewards always made it worth while; and my reward could be as simple as feeling those endorphins after a heavy session.


I love that it’s a constant journey that will never end, and that I’ll always have something new to aim towards. I can’t wait for the next challenge.

By: Bec Moris


Instagram: @yoidachi


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