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MARCH  2019









Dear Fellow Martial Artists,

You know that feeling of excitement you get before right before you leave for a training trip? That feeling of anticipation where you simply can’t wait for the day to arrive. Naturally, that’s how I felt when I booked my flights and locked in my attendance at the “Enter The Tao” Texas JKD Retreat by the Jeet Kune Do Athletics Association and it’s founder, Sifu Singh.

Now, you may have noticed that I didn’t use “we” as per usual. Unfortunately, Kyle wasn’t able to come on this trip so that meant I was a lone wolf on a solo filming mission. Kyle’s absence made me (Erik) worry about how the hell I was going to capture the experience being a one-man show. Looks like I was going to be nothing but tripods and selfie-mode for me to make it work. Well, in this month’s issue, I take you along for the wild ride that is the “Enter The Tao Texas Retreat.”

This issue is Texas heavy! We are also featuring the one and only Sifu Clay Pratka, the LEGEND that puts on this incredible event every year. Sifu Clay is the Owner and Head Instructor of the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Club in addition to being the JKD and Kali Training Officer for the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association… Sifu Clay is purebred Martial Artist who was brave enough to listen to that underlying pull that we all have and sometimes ignore. It’s that subtle pull of resonance that draws you towards your true calling… And all too often we let the noise of life drown out that signal. Check out Sifu Clay’s inspirational story as he shares the highs and lows of his inspiring story.

We also dropped a new product in this moth’s issue and it rhymes with “Schmally Smicks” …. Ok, it’s Kali Sticks for those who didn’t connect the dots. Straight from the jungle of the Philippines, we’re testing these bad boys out and would love your feedback.

Enjoy this issue, and we hope to see you down in Texas in April (exclusive invite in this month’s issue :)

Happy Training! :)

-Budo Brothers


“enter the tao” texas JKD Retreat



Rewind to spring 2018. That’s right, we’ve been so backlogged on content that we’ve had no choice but to sit on this goldmine until now. The trip is booked, we’re all systems go…. but then I get the news: Kyle had to put out some fires for one of his other businesses. Hey, when duty calls you as the business owner are the only one who’s going to show up! We both LOVE entrepreneurship, and we both LOVE martial arts, and sometimes the various forces in life start pulling us in all kinds of different directions. It can get stressful, no doubt. But,


“when you are doing what you love, ‘work’ is not work.”


It’s a pleasure, not an obligation. In such a state, most of the stress you encounter is the good kind; The kind that is somewhat uncomfortable at first, but makes you grow in order to get out of the discomfort… Which brings on new discomforts, which bring on new opportunities to grow, and up we go as the cycle continues.

It’s actually fascinating to reflect on your past. I bet you can recall a time where you got challenged by something which created an immense amount of stress which made you uncomfortable… and when you REALLY look back, I bet you can also see how that challenging event lead to some other opportunity that only presented itself after you pushed through that challenge. When you are in the trenches actually experiencing the challenge, it “sucks.” It feels like you can’t get ahead. It feels like the world is transpiring against you, and it can be hard to even contemplate how this stressful situation could possibly lead to anything good… But, with the right mindset, the good only becomes clear in the rearview. Once you see how that challenging event actually lead to where you are now, or lead to some other opportunity that doesn’t seem like it’s connected, but it your thread of existence ties absolutely EVERYTHING together. And if you feel like “Well, my situation right now sucks”… remember that you are in the trenches. In order to get out of the trenches, you need to make some changes. To make some changes, you need to grow.


“Problems can either wear you down, or make you grow!”


Anyways, beside that rabbit-hole-side-tangent, I was SO EXCITED to check out this legendary annual seminar and retreat. The first time we really heard about it was when we were down in Santa Cruz California visiting with Sifu Singh where we were STRONGLY encouraged to attend.

Everything we had heard from those who attended previous retreats had nothing but amazing things to say about it. Still, it took some consideration because we only get so many vacation days from work. Yes, we both have full time jobs that we love, and we use our vacation days to go hustle!

As the day arrived, I scrambled to get all my gear packed up and prepared for the experience. Kyle graciously offered to drop me off at the airport and…


“it was time for my solo filming mission to begin!”


It’s true, we both SUCK at planning things. But my suckery far exceeds that of kyle’s… So being on my own was unnerving to say the least. Luckily, I was able to navigate everything to get my rental car and hit the road! I didn’t realize that the Pratka Ranch is literally in the middle of nowhere Texas, and Uber was like: “Yeah, we don’t go to them their neck of the woods.” So, rental it was… and shocker, I didn’t reserve anything so all I could do was hope I wasn’t hooped.

Once I got everything sorted out with the rental it was time to hit the road! One thing about rentals is you never really know what the music situation is going to be like. Sometimes you get hooked up with satellite radio, and if you are lucky, a bluetooth connection. This rental had neither, so I was at the mercy of Texas radio and here’s how it turned out:


After entertaining myself for an hour and a half, I decided that I should be responsible and grab a quick bite to eat so I didn’t have to worry about food when I arrive. So, a quick stop at Five Guys is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. After SMASHING a burger, I was well on my way to the middle of nowhere. After a few wrong turns, and the frequent whispering of “Ffffffccccccccccck” with each turn that didn’t seem right, I made finally it. And who was there to greet me? None other than Sifu Clay Pratka!


“They just got back from riding around on ATV’s shooting sh*t in true Texas fashion…”


After partaking in what was an EPIC night, I didn’t actually end up getting to bed until around 3:00am as there seemed to be no end in sight in terms of festivities. My rubber arm didn’t help as I’m a sucker for a good time. After a few hours sleep, it was time to get ready for Day-1 of training. I really had no idea what to expect, but I felt like I was pretty prepared.


“I had been training pretty hard up to that point to make sure I would be ready to sweat for 8-10hrs/day.”


The coolest part about the Pratka ranch is they actually built the entire place by hand, log by log, over a lifetime. Each year they would add something to improve the property. One year they built an ACTUAL saloon and dance hall which is GREAT for training in. It’s super cool because you can actually simulate bar scenes where you make the situation as real as can be!

To start day-1, we warmed up with some amazing stretching and Qigong. Once the body was fully awake, and the booze on one’s breath is less noticeable, we started working on some great drills that eventually lead to the MASS ATTACK. This is were you have multiple attackers and your job is to evade and move to open space without cutting the middle and going in between the attackers. The Mass Attack drill sure gets your blood pumping as it eventually shoots you into the flow state where there is no thought, just movement as time feels like it slows down.


“A truly amazing training experience.”


The heat and humidity took some serious getting used to… but, I am a naturally sweaty bastard so I felt right at home in my own soak. Hydration became a major priority! I pretty much ran out of water before lunch and realized that I needed to go stock up on water…. and coconut waters to ward off any hangovers. You see, the anti-hangover key is to CRUSH a full litre of coconut water before going to bed, then smash another upon awaking = bye bye hangover!

The only thing that blew my mind more than the amazing training that was taking place was THE FOOD!! We got to experience authentic Texas BBQ, smoked with naturally occurring mesquite that was picked right from their property. Up to this point I felt like I had experienced a number of “authentic Texas BBQ’s” at various restaurants in my day… But NO! Nothing compares to the real deal, AUTHENTIC TEXAS BBQ!

After crushing some food, we went back and trained for the rest of the afternoon, then again after dinner. We worked on everything from weaponized flow drills to reality based combatives. I learned SO MUCH! And the improvements I was making were very noticeable. Once everything wound down for the evening, it was brought to our attention that there was a traditional initiation ceremony that involved a certain kind of hot sauce. It was called Satan’s Blood (…seems totally reasonable, lol.) And not to worry it is only 800,000 scoville units. For reference, the Pepper Spray that Police use is 530,000 scoville units, so this was definitely on the warm side of hot! As you might imagine, many of us struggled to keep calm:


“I now know what ass-burning hell feels like.”


After making it back from Satan’s front steps, it was time to get on with the other more enjoyable festivities. I’d heard they planned a bit of a fireworks show, and my immediate thought was that it would be one of those gas station kits that a bunch of drunk idiots would light one by one all while hopefully not getting burned. But no! They actually hired a PROFESSIONAL FIREWORKS CREW called Pow Pow Pyro that was nothing short of mesmerizing!


“'pow pow pyro put on an epic show!”


The fun didn’t stop at the fireworks. After the incredible show, we all wandered over to the Saloon for some drinks and a fun game of Roundhouse Jenga - Which, is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of using your hands to strategically remove bricks, you were only allowed to use your kicks. The beers made balancing a little more difficult, and of course I was the one who brought the stack down! But boy is…


“Roundhouse Jenga is a great way to train sensitivity, targeting and flexibility.”


Again, probably the hardest part of the trip was getting out of bed after only 4 hrs of sleep! I dreamt of the days where I could sleep for 8 straight hours spooning the shit out of 12 pillows…. But, I wasn’t there to get beauty sleep! I was there to train and have an absolute blast. After shaking off the booze from the night before…


“I needed to dig down, dig deep, and bring my A-game for another full day of epic training.”


What a FANTASTIC end to a POWERFUL trip! There’s no question, I’m doing it again this year, and after speaking with Sifu Singh, we’d like to you to invite you to join us for the next epic instalment of the Texas JKD Retreat. This April 25th-28th, at the Pratka Ranch down in Texas… IT’S ALL GOING DOWN AGAIN!!! 🙌






Featured Budo Brother



Skills Of The Month 

Sifu Singh



Val Miljailovic, CEO of Masters Magazine, has graciously offered our subscribers a sneak-peek of the “Enter the Tao” seminar by Sifu Singh. Here, are three snippets that have been sliced out of the digital download for you to enjoy:




Sneek peek 3 - kali flow drills

If you enjoyed these snippets, then you’ll love the full 12 hour seminar. In it, you will learn: 

  • Jeet Kune Do Attack Strategies and secret body mechanics fundamental to success. 
    Basic and advanced footwork concepts

  • Edged and blunt weapon fighting strategies, reflex, sensitivity and sparring development methods. 

  • Mass attack (multiple opponent) strategies

  • Trapping fundamentals and advanced applications, including teaching progressions 

  • Qi Gong and mindset development methods for health and performance enhancement. Join Sifu Singh and the JKDAA family on a private Texas Ranch and feel like a part of the experience

enter the tao cover.jpg

The digital download of the entire seminar can be purchased here:

To Get 15% Off, Use Promo Code: BB15offTao-DL


The 12 dvd set OF THE ENTIRE SEMINAR can be purchased here:

To Get 15% Off, Use Promo Code: BB15offTao-DVD

I’d like to take a moment to talk about the legendary Val Miljailovic CEO of Master Magazine. I had the distinct honor of connecting with THE Godfather of Martial Arts magazines and filming… It was amazing to watch the man in action and we spent countless hours talking about the latest filming gadgets and techniques. It was super cool to be involved in this project, and I hope you like it!


 budo kali sticks



When we asked our fellow Budo Brothers and Sisters what products they would like to see next, one of the top 5 votes was Kali Sticks. So, we ended up working with Grandmaster Felix Roiles to get some authentic Kali sticks straight from the Philippines. The ones we chose are a 29” treated rattan that is nice light weight yet strong.


Before we place a big order, we decided to do a small “test batch” and get your valuable feedback.

Needless to say, these will become a LIMITED EDITION with only 75 sets available. Who knows what we’ll come up with next :)




As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions for new topics, or requests for new products, please don't hesitate to reach out!