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JUNE  2018





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Dear Fellow Martial Artists,

This month is a MAJOR month for us. We are so incredibly excited to announce that we are open for grant applications for the Budo Youth Fund! We want to find the most deserving kids across North America and get them started on their martial arts journey. We need your help! If you know a family that is down on their luck and could use some financial assistance to get their son or daughter started in martial arts, please let them know about this amazing opportunity! Full details in this month's issue. 

This month we are also featuring a double hitter! Guro Daniel Lonero and Guro Marie Lonero are a husband and wife powerhouse combo that travel the globe and share their gifts. They are two of Guro Dan Innosanto's top instructors out of the Innosanto Academy of Martial Arts. We got a chance to meet them both while down on our recent California trip and were lucky enough to film some great skills that we're sharing with you in this month's issue.

We also had the pleasure of flying Sifu Singh up to Calgary to come speak at a conference called Energy Disruptors alongside billionaire entrepreneur, sir Richard Branson. Now, you might be wondering why a martial artists was speaking at an energy disruption conference? Sure rapid technological developments are disrupting the energy landscape, but the real energy disruptors are stress, fear, and anxiety. Sifu Singh was sought out for his mindfulness practices to help the audience cope with rapid change and adapt mentally. Needless to say, Sifu Singh STOLE the show! More details in this issue.

Last month we teamed up with Shinbudo weapons to raise extra funds for the Budo Youth Fund and they graciously donated 3 beautiful phenolic bokken, and two of them flew off the shelf. We only have one left! Great product for a great cause. All funds are going to the Budo Youth Fund.


Lastly, we have an awesome new summer product drop: The Tanto Tank! And we're hooking up our subscribers with a smoking summer deal 🔥





Guro Marie Lonero

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Marieclare (Marie) M. Sia, MBA is a personal and professional wellness development consultant certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, a master fitness instructor, and an accomplished martial artist who is also certified in guided meditation by the Mind Body Institute of Hawai’i for Jin Shin Mind Body Therapy.

Currently she oversees the entire wellness and safety programs at the prestigious Loyola Marymount University located in Los Angeles, California. 

Her Master degree in Business and Finance focused on management consulting and training and development, which led her to design and facilitate a multitude of workshops for hundreds of people. Topics have ranged from mind/body connection, to professional development, empowerment and self-discovery. 

Outside her engaging life at the university, Marieclare manages to balance her passion for teaching fitness classes and training in martial arts. She cumulates over fifteen hours of weekly teaching and her broad knowledge enables her to cover a wide variety of topics such as Spinning, Strength Training, Pilates, and Yoga. For the past 20 years, she has been influenced by some of the finest martial artists of our time and was granted the rank of Black Belt in Thai Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, and Maphalindo Silat by legendary instructors Dan Inosanto and Ajarn Chai Sirisute. Nowadays, Ms. Sia teaches martial art classes at the world-renowned Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts in Marina Del Rey, California and travels worldwide with her partner Daniel Lonero (XTMA International) to bring her passion and knowledge to countries such as Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Chile, England, Germany, and Luxembourg.

On a personal level, Marieclare has always been a strong advocate and a port-parole for abused women. It is in that spirit that she created and design Fight Strategies for Women. An innovative way to introduces women to self-defense strategies by acknowledging psychological and environmental perspectives, minimizing risk, and ultimately accessing quick and easy techniques to deter physical attacks. The program was also a direct counter-response to “self-defense” modules mostly taught by men, which fails however to address imperatives that only a female voice and perspective can bring to the discussion on assault over women.   

Such various ranges of experience have helped shape Marieclare M. Sia into a unique multifaceted professional, giving her the ability to connect on a deeper level with her clients/students and ultimately empower them with the rare gift of self-fulfillment.        


Skills of the month


FMA Basic Disarm


FMA Vine Disarm


Silat Sarong Takedown



Guro Daniel Lonero

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Daniel Lonero has been trained and influenced by some of the world’s finest martial artists and has been a direct student of Magulang Na Guro Dan Inosanto for over twenty years. Granted the prestigious rank of Full Instructor by the later, he now travels internationally several times throughout the year to teach and share his experience in various countries such as Spain, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, Chile, Luxembourg and the U.S. His ability to teach is coupled with a trained eye for details and real life experience. He holds fight records in the U.S. and in Europe, winning the U.S. amateur Shoot Wrestling Championship and the Mixed Martial Arts French Cup in 2003. In the early 90’s he opened up his own Martial Arts Academy in his hometown of Luxembourg, where he taught people from various walks of life. His experience appeals to beginners as well as confirmed martial artists and professionals, and he has trained law enforcement, public security experts, and people from other types of agencies. Currently, Mr. Lonero has been teaching for the past 10 years at the world renowned Inosanto Academy in Marina del Rey, California. Now Living in Los Angeles, he is working toward a degree in Sociology. His current clientele includes individuals in the entertainment industry and other high caliber spheres.


skills of the month


JKD Jab Counter drill


JKD Trapping to Boxing drill


JKD advanced Trapping drill


Energy Disruptors

Sifu Singh


People from all over the globe converged on the city of Calgary to discuss energy disruption! It was an incredible conference that attracted the likes of Sir Richard Branson, the mastermind behind the Virgin Group of Companies - Yes, his net worth is over 5 billion, so he might know a thing or two about how to deal with disruption in business.

Energy Disruptors was all about bringing different perspectives together to share viewpoints and try to reach common ground on certain divisive topics such as fossil fuels vs. renewables. The other topic of interest was on the energy that is inside us and how that can also be disrupted... Well, no better man for the job than Sifu Singh! The man specializes in high performance and how to prevent our internal energy from being hijacked by the events that take place in our lives. Sifu Singh has worked with over 150 different organizations including SWAT, Secret Service, Elite Police, and Military organizations all over the globe. A major aspect of his teachings is around mindset, and how to get comfortable in uncomfortable situations. 


Sifu Singh had the entire room meditating and tapping into their highest potential. Everyone entered "The High Performance Zone," a state of heightened attention and awareness where time slows down and you can execute in present time; not regretting the past, not worried about the future, right here right now in the present moment where life happens.

It was such an incredible experience to be around so many high performing thought leaders. You could turn and talk to any random person and you would learn that they are doing something profound, pushing the limits, and expanding what is thought to be possible. Very cool energy in the space! Now what's even cooler, we got to party with sir Richard Branson himself!


The incredible Holly Ransom was MC for the event and was probably the most impressive part of the entire conference. A globally renowned keynote speaker, Holly has presented across six continents, including delivering a Peace Charter to the Dalai Lama and addressing the G20’s Central Bank Governors and Finance Ministers. A top-ten age group finisher in her most recent Ironman Endurance Triathlon, Holly was been named by JCI Australia as one of the Ten Outstanding Young People of the Year, by Westpac and the AFR as one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women, and was listed by Sir Richard Branson as one of his 6 dream dinner guests alongside Neil Armstrong and Desmond Tutu.  In 2017, Sir Richard Branson named Holly as his nomination to Wired Magazines 'Smart List' of future powerhouses to watch. 

What's even more incredible: Holly Ransom reached out wanting to interview Sifu Singh for her podcast... Luckily we had our cameras rolling and captured the "Hadron Collider" of these two incredible minds smashing together to exchange ideas.

if there is one thing you should today, it's to

watch this podcast! 

You can subscribe to Holly's powerful podcast here:

Coffee Pods By Holly Ransom



The Tanto Tank

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We spent the entire winter experimenting with different designs for a cool summer tank, and this is the design we landed on:


The Tanto Tank is a uniquely cut tank top constructed from ultra fine cotton so it's extra breathable and crazy stylish. Each side rocks a "tanto" cut line with a BB logo on each underarm.

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Budo Youth Fund

Applications Now Open


Time For Some New Beginnings!

We are thrilled to finally make it to this point! We successfully reached our fundraising goal of $10,000 for the Budo Youth Fund! We would like to send out a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who purchased the Digital Seminar "Martial Arts For Everyone" as 10% of the revenue from the project has been donated to the Budo Youth Fund to help underprivileged youth gain access to martial arts through grant funding. 

Furthermore, we would like to send out an even bigger thank you to Sifu Singh - The legend helped us hit our goal faster than we could ever imagine by putting on the charity business seminar called "Battlefield Strategies for Business" to help raise funds for the cause. And now we are here and you have no idea how excited we are to kick this off!

We want to find the most deserving youth across North America and get them started on their martial arts journey! And we need your help to find the perfect candidates.

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how the process works:

Fill out the grant application to the best of your ability and clearly outline why your son or daughter should be selected from the many applicants to receive grant funding to get started, or continue, their martial arts journey. We will evaluate your application and do our homework on the instructor that you chose. We want to make sure that the instructors are teaching empowerment and self discovery and not violence, paranoia, and fear. Once due diligence is complete and everything checks out, we will shortlist the top candidates for funding and notify you by email of your selection. 

Once you've been added to the shortlist, it is now time to determine the winners!  All shortlisted candidates will submit a video (simply shot on your smart phone) of you and/or your son or daughter explaining why they want to start training. It's hard to get a sense what people are like through words alone, so we feel like a video will be the best way to connect with you. Winners can get up to one year of tuition payed for by the Budo Youth Fund. 

Please note that we really want these funds to go toward families that could really use the help. So if you can afford training, please make room for someone who might not be able to :) 

Application deadline is July 31st

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As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions for new topics, or requests for new products, please don't hesitate to reach out!