Gen2 Hood-Gi

Gen2 Hood-Gi


🔥 GEN-2 | HOOD-GI 🔥


We experienced some serious delays, but our perfectionism has finally paid off! Gen2 is finally here as we received our first small batch… and they are PERFECT!

New Improvements:

  • Kept the original look, but improved upgraded the outer Pearl-Weave Gi material

  • Japanese Blue Wave "CoolDry" liner throughout the entire Hood-Gi for added comfort and movability

  • Went with Ghost Black BB logo on hood instead of white to make the logo more subtle

  • Sleeves can be rolled up to show a wave pattern cuff

  • Increased sleeve lengths

  • Made the hood slightly bigger

  • Slight increase in overall length to help with shrinkage

  • Removed "sweater sleeve" to give it more of a "Gi Feel"

  • Added hidden pouch pocket for your smartphone (or weapons)

  • Added side Kobo/Knife/Weapon pockets on both sides

  • Added hidden "Bro-Shuriken" inside the inner pocket (shuriken not included)

  • Upgraded magnetic buttons

Since we've nearly doubled the material being used by adding the custom liner, as well as all the other design improvements, our production costs have increased substantially requiring us to retail the Hood-Gi at $120 (with free shipping)

We will also include a free black Budo Brothers drawstring bag as a gift.

Prices are in USD. Free shipping in North America. Arrives within 5-10 business days.

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