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martial arts for everyone

πŸ’’  Digital seminar  πŸ’’


 Sifu Singh has trained over 150 elite police, military, and government  organizations in the art of combat.

 Soon, his unique training program designed for martial artists of all styles & systems will be made available to the public in an online course containing over 10hrs of instructional content for a one-time cost of $9.99, no strings attached!


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What is a Digital Seminar?

A Digital Seminar is an online course, digitally delivered, that is accessible on any device so you can train the material at your own pace, at any location.

On launch day,  the Digital Seminar will be available for a one time purchase price of $9.99 (pre-launch members only.) You will then be emailed a unique username & password to access the content. Your access will be unlimited. No monthly fees. It's yours!

The Digital Seminar will be over 10hrs of high quality instructional content broken up into video demonstrations, tutorials, pictures, and text explanations.


digital seminar

course outline: 



πŸ’’ module 1

Street fighting | reality based combatives and survival tactics

  • The 5 Ranges of Combat
  • The 3 Times to Hit Someone 
  • The "Fighting Measure"
  • The 5 Primary Targets to Strike
  • The 10 Magic Tools to Win a Street Fight
  • The Engagement Stage of the Fight - How to Engage Your Opponent & Enter
    • The 3 Times to Counter Attack
  • The Rally Stage of the Fight - How To Apply Pressure & Change Levels After Creating  a Moment of Pain | High/Low/High Attack Method
  • The Follow-Up & Finish Stage of the Fight Through Force Continuum
    • Level-1: The Opponent is No Longer a Threat
    • Level-2: The Opponent is Still Fighting 
    • Level-3: Life & Death Situations
  • Clinch Fighting 
    • The Thai Clinch
    • The Wrestlers Pummel
    • Take Down Defense
    • Live Clinch & Wrestling Session
    • Ground Fighting


πŸ’’ Module 2

Weapons Fighting For Everyone

  • The 7 Weapons Configurations
  • 3 Ranges of Weapons Fighting
  • Stance & Body Mechanics: Coil Like a Cobra
  • "De-fang the Snake" - Weapons Fighting Strategy
  • Footwork is King – Controls TAD (Timing, Angle, and Distance)

  • The Striking Method
    • Full Stroke (Swing) Vs. Half Stroke Jab
    • The 5 Basic Angles of Attack
    • The Geometric Shapes of Attacking Angles
  • The Training Method - The 3 Ranges & 3 Drills
    • Numerada - One Side Feeds
      • Meet the Force || Follow the Force || 1 for 1, 2 for 1, 3 for 1 || Single Stick || Single Knife || Double Knife || Baseball Bat || Staff || Mismatched Weapons || Mass Attack
    • Sumbrada - Counter for Counter
      • Single Stick || Single Knife || Double Stick || Stick & Dagger || Mismatched Weapons
    • Sparring - Longer Weapons Stays Long, Shorter Weapons Come In
      • Matched Weapons || Mismatched Weapons || Mass Attack
    • "U Drill" - Knife Vs. Empty Hands
    • Knife Vs. Knife - Advanced Flow


πŸ’’ Module 3

The training method for attribute development

  • Numerada Drill: One Side Feeds
    • Punching 
    • Kicking
    • Take-downs
    • Weapons
    • Mass Attack
  • Sparring - MMA Vs. Street
  • Drill Combo's: Numerada, Sumbrada, Spar, Punch, Kick, Grapple
  • Sensitivity Drills - Blindfolded U-Drill, Clinch, Pummel 
    • "The Quarter Catch Sensitivity Drill" 
  • Footwork - Feeding the Stick to Create Dynamic Footwork
  • Strength & Conditioning 
    • The Three Strength Stages - Coming Back, Next Level, High Performance 
    • The Two Earliest Recorded Exercises In Human History (All You Need)
      • "The Dand" (Hindu Push-up) & "The Bhetak" (Hindu Squat)
    • Kettlebell Swing, and Kettlebell Press
    • "The Gada" (Indian Mace) 
      • Step by Step Guide How To Make a Gada of Your Own
      • The Gada Swing that will Turn Your Core into a ROCK


πŸ’’ Module 4

Mindboxing | Meditation & Mindset for health and mastery of the moment

  • "Arrive Before You Leave" - The Daily Ritual that Will Help You Attack Your Day
  • Pull Down The Heavens
  • Ancient Meridian Tapping to Turn on the Body, Clear the Energetic Channels, and Turn the Mind's Focus Inwards
  • The Taoist 5 Yin Organ Healing Exercise
    • Preparation
    • Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Heart, Spleen
    • Closing
  • Pull Down The Heavens Part II
  • How to Store Energy in the Lower Dantien (Lower Abdomen) 



πŸ’’ Module 5

DUELING Tactics and strategies to defeat any opponent 


  • Primary & Secondary Attack Methods
  • The Primary Attack Dissected
    • SDA - Single Direct Attack
    • ABC - Attack by Combination
    • HIA - Hand Immobilization Attack
    • ABD - Attack by Draw
    • PIA - Progressive Indirect Attack
  • Secondary Attack Dissected
    • The Before Attack
    • The During Attack
    • The After Attack
  • The Primary & Secondary Combination Attack Strategy 


who is sifu singh?


Sifu Singh is lifetime martial artist and descendant of an unbroken lineage of martial arts masters. 

He has spent years studying with masters and eating the bitter pill, training and teaching so he can pass on the ancient arts to a modern, cutting edge audience. Sifu Singh's science of movement, fighting, wellness, and strategy is an evolution of a global journey spanning continents and cultures.


Sifu Singh has had the honor of teaching this Material To:

πŸ’’ Navy SEALS

πŸ’’ U.S. Secret Service

πŸ’’ SWAT Commanders

πŸ’’ Police Captains

πŸ’’ F.B.I.

πŸ’’ C.I.A.

πŸ’’ D.E.A.

πŸ’’ Elite Law Enforcement

πŸ’’ Professional Athletes

πŸ’’ CEO’s

πŸ’’ Business Executives

πŸ’’ Domestic & Foregin Military & Intelligence Agencies


What are people saying about Sifu Singh & His combat methodology?

Jack Canfield & Sifu Singh.jpg
Harinder Singh is one of the most amazing, inspiring, and powerful human beings I have ever met. He reminds me of one of my heroes, Bruce Lee. Not because of his powerful physical presence, but because of his consciousness.
— Jack Canfield | Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and The Success Principles
Shihan Val Mijailovic.jpg
I can honestly say that Sifu Singh truly brings fresh spring water to the great martial arts river. His training methods are innovative, multidimensional, practical and very effective. Wing Chung and Jeet Kune Do β€œEVOLUTIONIST” is my way of describing Sifu Singh.
— Shihan Val Mijailovic | Masters Magazine
GM Daren Tibon - Cropped.jpg
The JKD Warrior Sifu Singh gives a modern look at martial arts today. I was amazed at this young man’s ability to teach what he has learned. It is exciting watching this young Dragon teach and spread the arts, his energy is definitely inspiring!!! Angel’s Deciples Stocktown is proud of Sifu Singh.
— Grand Master Darren Tibon | Angel's Disciples Serrada Escrima

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 the budo

youth fund

A legally registered non-profit entity who's sole purpose is to help underprivileged youth start their martial arts journey. Learn more here. 

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