We started our business for under $1000

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It all started with some interesting dojo locker-room talk… and it’s not the locker-room talk that Donald Trump refers to. Rather, it’s the kind of entrepreneurial spit-balling from which new ventures are born.

The conversation went a little something like this:

 “You know what we should try?”


 “Let’s learn eCommerce and sell really nice Gi’s [Martial Art Uniforms] that don’t chafe.”

“I dunno man, that sounds pretty complicated. And we’d have to inventory a dozen different sizes. Plus, what do we know about sourcing custom garments?”

“You’re right. But still, we should try something! Let’s see if we can put together an premium hanbo offering and make a go of it?”

 “Ok, but there is one rule...

...We're only allowed to start this venture for under $1000."

"If it doesn’t work out, big deal, we’re both down $500 and we learned some stuff.

“Game on!! … Now, where do we start??”

Hanbo Martial Arts Lifestyle Budo Brothers

They say a missile cannot change course until it is launched!

That’s exactly what we did.  We launched, and decided we would figure the rest out along the way.

The $1000 limit on seed capital made us get very creative. We needed to figure out how to build a website, learn photography, figure out social media marketing, and just put in the work!! One thing is for certain: What we lacked in capital, we made up for in work ethic - Putting in the hours & grinding it out.

Any money we brought in went straight back into the business, over, and over again. 

After starting to get the hang of things, we ironically found ourselves coming back to our original vision… But, with a twist!

Instead of selling Gi’s, we decided to design a Gi that you can wear everyday (and not look like a dork.) Reality is, Budo isn’t something that can be turned off. It's with you where ever you go, and we wanted to create something that can be worn as a reminder of that.

Sketch after sketch, design after design, we finally landed on something that we were both incredibly excited about:



The Hood-Gi is stylish, thick, durable, and makes you feel like you could fight a bear in it!