Special Edition Podcast: School Owner Partnership Program




With school owners being forced to shut down, and many scrambling to figure out how to switch to online learning, we want to help!


With zero revenue coming in for most schools, we came up with a way to partner with you to keep revenue flowing in while we're all on lockdown. 


We've spent the past two years putting together a library of online training resources through our Digital Seminars.  


Now, through the Budo Brothers Partnership Program, you can have your students work through the training material along with you, and we split the revenue with you 50/50 so operations don't have to grind to a halt. We will send you a PayPal transfer at the end of every month which is essentially a 50% payout.


It is really simple too! Once accepted into the program, you will be given a unique link that leads to the landing pages of our Digital Seminars. Simply share the link on your social channels, or email directly to your students. 


Everything is transparent too. You will be able to see how many people visited through your link, how many students enrolled in the course, and what your payout will be at the end of every month.


Our current infrastructure will allow for 50 spots and all you have to do is apply through this link and answer some simple questions. We will then send you all the information you need to get started: https://budobrothers.typeform.com/to/LnlVl6


We're heading into hard times for the next little while and it is time to band together and help each other out so people actually have schools to return to when this is all resolved. 


Budo Brothers is here to help 🙏