Behind The Scenes: Martial Arts For Everyone




It all started back in September of 2017. We just finished posting some videos from our eMagazine on facebook, and began to receive a bunch of direct messages from people asking how people can learn more from the martial artists that we feature. The obvious thing to do at the time was to simply put them directly in touch with the instructor, but all too often the geographical distances prevented eager students from learning from these masters. 

THAT WAS WHEN IT HIT US!!! What if we made an affordable online course that anyone can access regardless of where they live? Would people be interested? Could it help martial artists incorporate new training concepts into their regimens?  ... We had so many questions, and it was time to go get some answers! 

First thing we did was ask you, the martial artists interested in continual progression and growth. We launched a survey asking what you thought of the concept, and over 1,300 people filled out the survey:



Armed with this data, we knew we had to make something that had a strong Reality-Based Combatives aspect, as well as Weapons Training. Sifu Singh then took this intel and put together a course outline to fit the bill.

Just before this point, we got in touch with Sifu Singh thinking that he would be an AWESOME mag feature. But, all it took was one Skype call and we knew we had to do something more! We had our minds blown with the non-stop knowledge bombs being dropped by Sifu Singh... and some of them were nuclear! So, we floated the concept of Digital Seminars past him, and instantly he replied "Sounds dope, I'm game! When can you fly out?" ... That was the exact moment we knew we were about to go do something AWESOME!!!

With that, it was time to book flights. Now before we go much further in the story, you have to understand that the fact that we can even dress ourselves in the morning is somewhat impressive. So, the plan was to stop in LA for few days of fun, then fly down to San Jose, and ultimately end up in Santa Cruz. Seems pretty simple right? Well, apparently San Jose sounds pretty similar to San Francisco, and we somehow managed to book a flight there instead (brilliant!) Not only did we have to run to catch our flight in true Budo Brother fashion, but we actually were running to catch a flight that we didn't have a ticket for... Outstanding! :)

Here is why we always end up running to catch our flights: We usually end up buying new camera gear and are eager to test it all out while storyboarding our trip. We both get so lost trying to capture moments that we forget what moment we're supposed to board our flight (and a couple beer don't seem to help our awareness levels.)

The classic line is "We have well over an hour before we even have to make it to the gate, let's go grab a beer." Innocent words that are just too hard to resist. By the time we've screwed around with our cameras, we usually end up hearing our names being paged, have to scramble to pack everything up, chug the last of our beer, and plead with the gatekeepers to let us board the plane. Here's little mini trailer that is but a sample-plate of our own idiocy:


Ok, now that we ended up in the right place, managed to tie our shoes and not get hurt in the process, we were ready to start filming! On day one, we figured we would get a lay of the land, explore Santa Cruz, and start filming some of the "MindBoxing & Meditation" scenes down by the water:



We were both so pumped to meet Sifu Singh in the flesh and after a great initial shoot, it was time to go grab lunch and start talking strategy. Half of the time we can't tell if we are drinking our own cool-aid, so we often have to hash these concepts out in more detail to make sure we're checking our blindspots.



After getting a good night sleep at the Holiday Inn (we're ballin' on a budget btw,) we crushed a continental breakfast, and got ready for our first day of shooting at Sifu Singh's home dojo. We secretly kept the camera rolling as Sifu Singh started to give his candid overview of the Digital Seminar course outline that he put together:


As soon as we arrived at Sifu Singh's home dojo, we both experienced a bit of a surreal feeling. We've watched countless videos take place there, and it was really cool to see it in person. Sifu Singh called in some of his top students from all over the country to come in and help out with the production. It was such a pleasure to meet his STACKED crew with talented individuals that include Beverly Prakta, Clay Prakta, Officer Dee Burton, Coach Brian Olson, and Hector Solis. These rugged grinders stayed by our side, took hits, and got smashed up for 12hrs/day, 7 days straight! Check out some behind the scenes footage we captured:


As you can see, we had an absolute blast putting this Digital Seminar together, and we are confident that it is going to give you some awesome new ideas that you can incorporate into your training right away. Probably our favorite aspect of the Digital Seminar is that you don't have to abandon your art. You've put in so much time training your current style or system, and all this digital seminar does is give you some extra tools that you can put in your kit, some new training methods to try out, and some new perspectives on mindset & mastering the moment. 



Stay tuned for more great Digital Seminars to come.