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"Battlefield Strategies for Business" Charity business seminar

The Art of Winning: How To Kick Ass, Take Names, and Win Life!

April 13th, @ 2:00pm-5:00pm,  Nucleus: 100 6 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta Canada

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Obsessive thinking, stress, fear and anxiety, kill creativity, teamwork, and productivity. These elements permeate our lives, creating dis-ease and disconnection. It’s time to get out of your head and into the game.

Tap into the Arts of War and the universal principles and elements of combat to up your performance in high stress business environments, and walk away with tools that transform these skills into a routine that drives consistent results.

Enter "The High Performance Zone" - A state where you navigate moments of high stress with grace and mastery. Discover a proven system for turning fear into fuel, building impeccable leadership, tactics & strategies to crush your competition, while unleashing your full potential.

Join Sifu Singh as he leads you through mindset exercises, simulations and routines that give you the master key for success. This Martial Arts master will help you conquer your fight and flight responses like no other speaker or expert can: Through a step by step system that is easy to implement in an instant... And this takes ZERO martial arts experience in order to harness the true power of these proven techniques & strategies. All you need is an open mind. 


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Whether on the battle field or in the boardroom, Sifu Singh’s mission is the same: to help individuals shatter barriers and achieve their High-Performance Zone—the master key to all success.


Sifu Singh TED Talk


What You’ll Achieve in this business seminar:

• Enter the High Performance Zone, and maintain it consistently through proven daily routines
• Gain a proven formula to manage your energy levels, so you can keep pushing and gain the edge over your competition
• Utilize game changing exercises to put your mind and body in comfort, no matter how uncomfortable the environment
• Knockout stress, fear, and anxiety, and replace them with a state of peak performance
• Learn the art of stalking (including the 5 ways of attack) to identify and seize opportunities that drive success

Ideal For:

• Team leaders and executives who want to achieve-and maintain- the ultimate competitive edge
• High Performance managers and coaches who want to help their clients or teams overcome the fear of failure
• Sales programs, strategic marketing managers and other strategy professionals that want to reach new levels of success
• Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who want to shatter through their obstacles, and get the edge of their competition





This charity business seminar will be donating 100% of the proceeds to THE BUDO YOUTH FUND.  A legally formed, non-profit entity whose sole purpose is to help underprivileged youth start their martial arts journey and become powerful young human beings.


DATE:  April 13th, 2018

TIME: 2:00PM - 5:30pm

Location: Nuclues - 100 6 Ave SW, Calgary

COST: $100 +gst  (All proceeds go to The Budo Youth Fund) 

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"Harinder Singh is one of the most amazing, inspiring, and powerful human beings I have ever met.  He reminds me of one of my heroes, Bruce Lee.  Not just because of his powerful physical presence, but because of his consciousness."

Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul, & The Success Principles


"You enlightened us. The skill you teach provides an officer increased stamina when it is needed most – in a life or death struggle against a violent, combative subject.  On behalf of the West Palm Beach SWAT team, I want to collectively thank you for the eye-opening, outstanding training!"

- Lt. Anthony J. Spatara, SWAT Commander, West Palm Beach



Seminar outline

Learn 5 powerful shifts you can make to gain an edge over your competition, lead your teams, and crush your business. Also learn proven tactics & strategies that have stood the test of time, from ancient battlefields to modern boardrooms.


Know Yourself, and Know Your Enemy (Your Competition)

  • This is about understanding Internal and External factors that impact success
  • We need a sound understanding of ourselves, and how we operate in stressful environments
  • We need a sound strategy to help us overcome our enemies within
  • We also need a sound strategy from the Art of War to overcome our enemies externally  and crush your competition

"Arrive Before You Leave" – How to Win your Mornings to Win Your Day

  • Learn a 7 step process to start and win every day
  • The results will suprise you!

Turning Fear into Fuel

  • Real Fear vs Projected Fear
  • Knowledge vs Wisdom
  • Fear Exercise: What scares you and how to overcome it

The 3 Superpowers of Operating in the High Performance Zone - How to enter the High Performance Zone at a moment's notice

  • 4 step exercise
  • Learn a method that is taught to SWAT on how to deal with stressful situations
  • How to adapt to difficult situations and circumstances
  • How to "Be Like Water"
  • How to create new opportunities and solve problems

Impeccable Leadership Principles - How to Connect to Your Teams

  • The art of listening and empathy
  • How to lead from the front
  • Art of War principles of leadership

Plus, live entertainment and breath taking demonstrations that will make your jaw drop!


*seating is very limited*